11 March 2012 3 Comments

A fun job that pays well – teach English overseas and earn up to $4,500 a month tax free!

A fun job that pays well – teach English overseas and earn up to $4,500 a month tax free!

Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel the world, meet new people, immerse yourself in a foreign culture and perhaps earn some good money along the way. Gaining your certificate to teach English as a foreign language is not hard for most native English speakers. English teachers come from all walks of life [...]

9 February 2012 0 Comments

Summer camp jobs

Summer camp jobs

Summer camp jobs offer you the chance to get paid for being a kid. What the Job Entails Unless you have a specific job in the camp (nurse, therapist), you’re likely to fall into the “counselor” category. This is a very ample definition that covers everybody, from cabin leaders to instructors. Camp counselors work six [...]

23 January 2012 0 Comments

Sail the world & earn money, cruise ship jobs

Sail the world & earn money, cruise ship jobs

What else could be better than sailing the world for free? The most obvious benefit you get from working on a cruise is free travel. Of course, the travel is limited by your work hours and where the cruise is going, but the benefit is still there. Most cruises make port calls, which also allows [...]

23 October 2011 0 Comments

Take to the skies and become an airline pilot

Take to the skies and become an airline pilot

Being an airline pilot is seen as an enviable job my many but it also carries a considerable amount of responsibility and the need for continual training. Airline pilots fly passengers and cargo around the world on short and long haul flights. An aircraft is typically manned by two pilots, one being the captain and [...]

23 October 2011 0 Comments

5 interesting jobs you can do underwater

Life should be fun and interesting, if you get up in the morning thinking ‘I’m dreading work today’ then maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and see what other opportunities are out there. Have you ever thought about working underwater? It’s definitely not your normal 9-5 job but there are lots of people making [...]

20 September 2011 0 Comments

A steady hand and a passion for body art? Become a tattoo artist!

Old Hollywood movies romantically depict tattoo studios as murky, smoke-filled basements with questionable clients and even more questionable artists, along with Harley Davidsons parked on the scruffy street outside. The 21st century reality is law-enforced scrupulous cleanliness, tattoo designers with business acumen as well as imagination and talent and clients from every profession from banker [...]

24 May 2011 0 Comments

Love a good wedding? Then why not become a wedding planner.

For many people, their wedding day is the happiest day of their life. The joining of two people, for better or for worse, could not be more significant or more special. Such a joyous celebration will require meticulous planning in order to ensure the bride and groom live out their fairytale wedding. But organizing such [...]

17 May 2011 0 Comments

The best and worst paid jobs in the world

What do a pole dancer and an airline pilot have in common? Well they both make a living from whizzing around in the air but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. In fact, the connection between the two is that they roughly take home the same pay each year. That may seem surprising to [...]

8 May 2011 1 Comment

Forget spinning classes in the gym…become a bicycle courier and get paid to stay fit!

You’re pedaling across the city at full speed, the traffic is heavy and your eyes are nervously scanning between the stationary cars on the lookout for urban hazards. An opened car door or a stray dog could mean an afternoon spent in hospital. In your ear you hear the crackle of your station operator asking [...]

5 May 2011 0 Comments

Want to knock things down for a living? Become a demolition expert

Everybody secretly loves to demolish things, it’s human nature. Just watch any child on the beach as they spend all day building sand castles only to knock them down in 10 seconds flat. Building things is fun but destroying them is exciting. It’s certainly entertaining to watch a crane swing a wrecking ball into a [...]