13 November 2011 0 Comments

Bored with a ‘feet on the ground’ life? Become a helicopter pilot

Bored with a ‘feet on the ground’ life? Become a helicopter pilot

One of the world’s fun careers, flying is every small boy’s dream, with the few who make the dream come true able to choose between fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Nowadays, with computers controlling almost everything via the autopilot on a fixed wing aircraft, many ‘hands on’ flyers make the switch to helicopters for [...]

23 October 2011 0 Comments

5 interesting jobs you can do underwater

Life should be fun and interesting, if you get up in the morning thinking ‘I’m dreading work today’ then maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and see what other opportunities are out there. Have you ever thought about working underwater? It’s definitely not your normal 9-5 job but there are lots of people making [...]

4 March 2011 0 Comments

Ethical Hacking – could you be the next cyber crime fighter?

Don’t learn to hack, hack to learn – that’s the general motto of any ‘white hat’ or ethical hacker as they are otherwise known. Nearly all private information is now held on computers around the world so its vital secure systems are in place to prevent criminals from accessing it. An ethical hacker is a [...]

27 February 2011 4 Comments

Turn over a new leaf in the tea tasting industry

Tea tasting? Surely that’s a job anyone could do? If all you need is experience of drinking tea then my Gran with her 10 cups-a-day habit should be at the top of any employer’s list. Well it turns out there is a little more to it than that. The role of a tea taster is [...]

27 February 2011 0 Comments

Filming the animal kingdom, life as a wildlife cameraman.

Few jobs offer the immense personal freedom and outrageous opportunities to travel than that of being a wildlife cameraman. By combining a passion for the outdoors with a love of nature and its countless species of plants, animals and sea-life, wildlife cameramen and women spend their life flying to remote, and not so remote, locations [...]

21 February 2011 0 Comments

A dying trade or a niche opportunity? Become a Master Thatcher.

At the forefront of conserving buildings of  heritage for generations to come, thatching is an extremely important job that is carried out by small dedicated number of craftsmen around the country. Being up on a roof for eight to ten hours a day, completely at the mercy of the elements may not be everyone’s idea [...]