13 November 2011 0 Comments

Bored with a ‘feet on the ground’ life? Become a helicopter pilot

Bored with a ‘feet on the ground’ life? Become a helicopter pilot

One of the world’s fun careers, flying is every small boy’s dream, with the few who make the dream come true able to choose between fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Nowadays, with computers controlling almost everything via the autopilot on a fixed wing aircraft, many ‘hands on’ flyers make the switch to helicopters for [...]

4 April 2011 2 Comments

Are you tough enough to be a lumberjack?

Have you ever seen Ax Men? Well if not, let me enlighten you. It’s an addictive American documentary that follows a group of seemingly fearless individuals as they embark on a season of logging. Armed with huge chainsaws they cut their way through the endless forests of North America at an alarming rate. Its exciting [...]

23 February 2011 1 Comment

In the line of fire – could you be a bodyguard?

When you see bodyguards in the movies or on TV, it often looks like quite a glamorous job escorting celebrities to and from the latest showbiz event. However it’s also a job that comes with a great amount of responsibility as ultimately you have to be prepared to sacrifice yourself to ensure the safety of [...]

21 February 2011 0 Comments

A dying trade or a niche opportunity? Become a Master Thatcher.

At the forefront of conserving buildings of  heritage for generations to come, thatching is an extremely important job that is carried out by small dedicated number of craftsmen around the country. Being up on a roof for eight to ten hours a day, completely at the mercy of the elements may not be everyone’s idea [...]

16 February 2011 1 Comment

Love Sharks? Become an Ichthyologist

Ichthyology, according to Wikipedia, is the branch of zoology that concentrates its focus on studying fishes of various types. And, while some devote their entire careers to researching the feeding, reproductive, and migratory habits of the smaller fish, a chosen daring few decide to specialize on the never-less-than-fascinating field of sharks. Known the world over [...]

9 May 2010 1 Comment

Daredevil to the stars – test your skills as a stunt performer

Life as a stunt performer is an extremely exciting and varied career. Stunt performers predominately work in the film and television industry. They often work freelance and take the place of actors in hazardous or potentially dangerous scenes. A stuntman may be asked to do anything from jumping out of a speeding car to re-enacting [...]