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20 October 2010 1 Comment

Ahead of the field – work the summer festival scene as an Indian head masseuse

Of the many massage therapies available these days, Indian Head Massage has to be one of the most flexible, enjoyable – and portable. Head Massage, or ‘Indian Champissage’, to give it its proper name, has been around for over a thousand years. The therapy as we know it today was formulated by Narendra Mehta, who [...]

5 October 2010 1 Comment

Whitewater raft your way to riches.

Think back to a time in your childhood when fear was something that you and your friends actively looked for: riding off planks supported by bricks, seeing how high you could go on rope swings, daring each other to push yourselves just that little bit further – especially when the adults told you not to! [...]

28 September 2010 2 Comments

Cryptozoologist….a crypto what?

Now, do we have an interesting job for you today… Forget being a regular zoologist, studying boring conventional animals which we know all about in every conceivable way…why not become an esteemed cryptozoologist and study animals which may or may not actually exist? Or perhaps your interest lies in plants which are said to capture [...]

27 May 2010 1 Comment

Get paid to travel the world as a Tour Guide

How would you like an all expenses paid trip around the globe? Visiting foreign lands, meeting interesting people and exploring new places? Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, thousands of people are quite happily getting paid to do this every year by working as a tour guide or escort. Guiding [...]

9 May 2010 1 Comment

Daredevil to the stars – test your skills as a stunt performer

Life as a stunt performer is an extremely exciting and varied career. Stunt performers predominately work in the film and television industry. They often work freelance and take the place of actors in hazardous or potentially dangerous scenes. A stuntman may be asked to do anything from jumping out of a speeding car to re-enacting [...]

28 April 2010 1 Comment

Live life like a high roller – become a croupier

Gambling is extremely popular and has exploded in recent years with more interest in high profile poker tournaments that offer multi-million dollar prizes. It’s estimated that 32 million adults participate in gambling of some form each year and that number is set to rise. Despite the popularity of online casinos, working as a croupier in [...]

9 April 2010 3 Comments

A life under the ocean as a mine clearance diver

If you’re looking for something different to the normal 9-5 office job then few careers could claim to be as different or unique as a mine clearance diver. Operating at depths of up to 60 metres you will using your skills to identify and dispose of mines and other explosives. As well as mine clearance [...]

7 April 2010 1 Comment

Journey to the bottom of the world – work in Antartica

Feel like getting off the beaten track? Are looking for a job with a difference? Do you like the cold? Do you like penguins? Well if you do then maybe you should consider applying to the British Antarctic Survey, the UK’s leading environmental research centre based in Antarctica. With opportunities for everyone, from carpenters to [...]

15 March 2010 1 Comment

Teaching English Abroad – Travel the world and inspire people

Teaching English as a foreign language is possibly one of the greatest ways to meet and interact with local people. It will certainly challenge you at times but the skills you learn and people you meet will reward you for a lifetime. English teachers are highly sought after throughout the world and you could find [...]