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5 October 2011 1 Comment

Move over, 007! – guns, girls and glamorous lifestyles as an intelligence officer

Move over, 007! – guns, girls and glamorous lifestyles as an intelligence officer

OK, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ is just a movie, but government, armed forces and police intelligence services are a reality and they do advertise intelligence officer positions with the tag line ‘Your skills could protect the UK’ – or the USA. Obviously, they don’t push the ‘spy’ scenario, but for highly motivated job-seekers looking [...]

30 September 2011 0 Comments

Become a forensic dentist

Become a forensic dentist

Forensic dentistry is an interesting area of forensic science and is concerned with the examination of teeth to help law enforcement agencies solve cases. In some cases it may be because the victim can only be identified from their dental records or in others, perhaps an attacker has bitten their victim leaving a clue to [...]

20 September 2011 0 Comments

A steady hand and a passion for body art? Become a tattoo artist!

Old Hollywood movies romantically depict tattoo studios as murky, smoke-filled basements with questionable clients and even more questionable artists, along with Harley Davidsons parked on the scruffy street outside. The 21st century reality is law-enforced scrupulous cleanliness, tattoo designers with business acumen as well as imagination and talent and clients from every profession from banker [...]

13 June 2011 0 Comments

Battle the bulge – become a weight loss counselor

Have you seen ‘The Biggest Loser’ on TV? It’s a show where a group of overweight contestants battle it out to lose the most amount of weight in order to win a cash prize. It’s makes compulsive viewing but it also highlights how important people’s looks and image are for their own self esteem. A [...]

24 May 2011 0 Comments

Love a good wedding? Then why not become a wedding planner.

For many people, their wedding day is the happiest day of their life. The joining of two people, for better or for worse, could not be more significant or more special. Such a joyous celebration will require meticulous planning in order to ensure the bride and groom live out their fairytale wedding. But organizing such [...]

17 May 2011 0 Comments

The best and worst paid jobs in the world

What do a pole dancer and an airline pilot have in common? Well they both make a living from whizzing around in the air but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. In fact, the connection between the two is that they roughly take home the same pay each year. That may seem surprising to [...]

8 May 2011 1 Comment

Forget spinning classes in the gym…become a bicycle courier and get paid to stay fit!

You’re pedaling across the city at full speed, the traffic is heavy and your eyes are nervously scanning between the stationary cars on the lookout for urban hazards. An opened car door or a stray dog could mean an afternoon spent in hospital. In your ear you hear the crackle of your station operator asking [...]

5 May 2011 0 Comments

Want to knock things down for a living? Become a demolition expert

Everybody secretly loves to demolish things, it’s human nature. Just watch any child on the beach as they spend all day building sand castles only to knock them down in 10 seconds flat. Building things is fun but destroying them is exciting. It’s certainly entertaining to watch a crane swing a wrecking ball into a [...]

22 April 2011 6 Comments

Make money from blogging – turn passion into profit!

Do you have a hobby or interest that you would like to tell the world about? Perhaps you have an interesting career that you could journalise? Or maybe you just enjoy writing and would like to update the web with your daily thoughts. Whatever your motivation, thousands of people everyday are writing and making a [...]

4 April 2011 2 Comments

Are you tough enough to be a lumberjack?

Have you ever seen Ax Men? Well if not, let me enlighten you. It’s an addictive American documentary that follows a group of seemingly fearless individuals as they embark on a season of logging. Armed with huge chainsaws they cut their way through the endless forests of North America at an alarming rate. Its exciting [...]