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Sail the world & earn money, cruise ship jobs

What else could be better than sailing the world for free? The most obvious benefit you get from working on a cruise is free travel. Of course, the travel is limited by your work hours and where the cruise is going, but the benefit is still there. Most cruises make port calls, which also allows you to explore different cities.

What the Job Entails
There’s no easy way to answer this question, as there are numerous jobs you could have on board. If you’re over 21, you have two main opportunities: working in the ship’s casino if there’s one, and working in the bar and lounge area. Both are ideal jobs because they usually involve tips –If you’re working over the summer to help with college expenses, these could be the best options because of the opportunities for extra income. If you’re younger than 21, you might end up working as a waiter or as part of the entertainment crew. Many cruise ships have rotating shifts. That means you could be on board for several months and then have a couple of months off. If you have other obligations, such as work or school, you’ll need to figure out if the cruise can hire you for just a short period of time and according to your schedule.

Cruise Ship Jobs

The requirements for a cruise job depend on what position you’re applying for. In most cases, you’ll be asked to show experience in the type of job you’re hoping to do on board. There’s usually no time to train new employees, so when you’re hired to perform a job on a cruise, you’re expected to have the know-how to do what you’re asked after just a quick briefing. Being fluent in English is a must, but many cruises eagerly look for employees who speak a second language (in particular, the language of the cruise’s destination).

What It Pays
Cruise jobs pay anywhere from $1500 to several thousands per month. This might not seem like much, but keep in mind that while you’re on board, all your meals and accommodation will be covered. You will have little to no opportunities to spend your salary, so the money will go a long way once you’re back home. Some cruise jobs pay more than others. For example, a general job as a waiter or in the cleaning department will pay in the lower end of the range, while jobs that require a specific skill (such as entertainment jobs) will pay more.

What Else You Need to Know
Cruise ships often have very strict rules for employees, so make sure you’re ok with that before taking a job on board. Most cruises don’t allow employees to drink and they might require a specific “look” (short hair, no piercings, minimal makeup). There might be other compromises required, such as having to share accommodations (cabin space) with another crew member, which means sacrificing privacy. Still, if you’re happy with being away from home for months at a time, a cruise job could be an incredible opportunity to sail the world for free.

Cruise Ship Jobs 


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