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Interesting jobs in the Navy

If you are looking for an interesting career that could see you travelling the world on behalf of your king and country then you should definitely consider a role in the Navy. There are a wide range of jobs available from onboard cooks to warfare officers and all offer great job security with excellent benefits. Whether you’re based nationally or you find yourself trawling the world aboard a warship or submarine, life in the Navy offers a sense of team spirit and camaraderie that few jobs can ever compete with. Here are just a few of the exciting jobs on offer:

Naval Aviators
Whether you’re on a peace keeping mission to drop relief supplies to refugees or you’re pursuing an enemy submarine deep within a hostile warzone, Naval aviators perform a vital role for the modern Navy. By using cutting edge aircraft and technology, they can perform aerial manoeuvres to quickly move in and out of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. It’s a physically and mentally challenging role that requires many years of training to become qualified. Training within the Navy is first class and many pilots make a move to flying commercial planes and helicopters once their service ends.

Interesting jobs in the Navy

Submarine Captain

Could you lead a team of experienced officers aboard a nuclear submarine into enemy territory and keep your cool? It carries a great deal of responsibility, discipline and training with only a select few making the grade. Aside from being the Captain, there are also numerous highly qualified officers who are responsible for everything from logistics to advanced weapons systems. In fact, being an officer in charge of your own department is the natural step on the road to commanding your own vessel. Candidates should possess excellent leadership skills with good academic abilities in maths and science.

If you are thinking of becoming a nurse then applying to work for the Navy could be a good option. If accepted, you will receive a scholarship to cover the cost of your training meaning you could effectively graduate debt-free. Added to that, the prospect of guaranteed employment with good benefits and the opportunity to travel, suddenly the offer becomes even more tempting. Nursing is an extremely challenging, yet rewarding profession. You should be a good people person and have a desire to work in a caring profession. Following on from the Navy, it’s also a profession that easily transitions into civilian life making it a great career with future prospects.

become a Navy diver

Navy Diver
The role of a Naval diver is extremely varied, you could find yourself involved in anything from repairing ships, salvage operations, completing search and rescue missions for missing people or even examining unexploded WWII bombs. There is no requirement for a college degree to become a naval diver however the role is extremely physically and mentally challenging. The selection process is renowned for being physically tough with only the best candidates making the grade. Training is first class with opportunities to specialise in warfare techniques. A career in diving offers a unique working environment, for those who enjoy working outdoors, or more specifically underwater – the opportunity to earn money for doing something you enjoy is unrivalled.


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